Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pimpjuice, Bawls, Cocaine....

"Energy drinks aren't merely popular with young people. They attract fan mail
on their own MySpace pages. They spawn urban legends. They get reviewed
by bloggers. And they taste like carbonated cough syrup."
~ ~

I suppose we can wake up, get a cup of coffee, shower with caffeinated soap,
get a mocha on the way to work, have an energy drink at 10, eat very little
for lunch (loss of appetite), have another drink to finish the work day,
be treated, at the hospital, for heart arrhythmia before 3, and be home to
"crash" before 6 - only to start again tomorrow.
We could resort to a caffeine patch. That should ease the stomach, anyway.

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Shana said...

If your concerned for your heart...caffine is the lesser of two evils now...that crap you buy in the store...out side of the produce's gonna kill ya....and now even produce can be tainted...pig producing ecoli critters who eat in gardens... Ill try the soap next...

Stan said...

My wife has never believed me, but every year when I have a physical exam my blood pressure is right on line. She can't understand why, since I supposeldly abuse all the rules for good blood pressure. However, just recently I read that they have discvovered that caffine will reduce high blood pressure. So, my six pots of coffee per day, not to mention the enormous amounts of chocolate that I consume since I was a kid has paid big dividends in my Golden Years. You just wait, someday they will tell us the Nicotine is also healthy for us. You do remember, several years ago we were not suppose to eat eggs - that discovery lasted almost two years before they decided eggs were good for you.

JD Plumma said...

Nicotine has been given to Alzheimer's patients for a memory enhancer. My Great Grand-dad McLay smoked for a LONG time. I believe he died at 96 (is that right, Mom?). It seems a matter of calling statistical figures - whether you're going to die "naturally", or not...Are you the bug, or, the windshield today?

Stan said...

Weather Watch: At 6:16 pm you have rain showers NE of you at 41 degrees, 56 miles at Latitude 61.747, Longitude -148.917 which is 14 miles NE of Palmer. No other showers in vicinity inclkuding Cook Inlet region, Kodiak Island and Prince William sound. Safe to paint the house. Back to work at the HITW, I am a long way from the paintingf process.

Stan said...

Traveler Advisory: If you know of anyone going to Portland, currently Portland is under cloudy skies, the only rain in the area is 69 miles South Southeast of Portland at 162 degrees, light showers. Entire coast line of Oregon and Washington is clear of any rain showers at this time - wishing them a safe, quick trip.

Heidi said...

I just looked today and the weather was clear?

Tormen Tagain said...

I just looked and it looks like we are continuing to have weather. By all good sciences it looks like we'll continue to have weather for the rest of the week too. I guess that's a good sign. I'll start to worry when it stops tho and might even consider relocating back to Jupiter.
And about the caffeine etc. heart thing. I just don't know why everyone worries so much about this type of thing any more. What with all the despondent families throughout the world ready to produce and sell their sons and daughters for their bodily organs and stuff so they can eat next week. Sounds like the free market system has made it to a bunch of poorer countries without the need for all the bombs. Find a niche and fill it huh? Sheese.

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