Friday, July 27, 2007

Are we too absorb(ant)?

You might miss the flavor of a good cup of coffee, but this idea is
more of an "eye-opener" than Coast....

what do you suppose the
ingredients to that old soap are, anyway? I actually found a list
of ingredients to Coast at Household Products Database (had no
caffeine listed), but could not find Shower Shock -
the soap with caffeine.

Some manufacturers have bigger claims than others
but who's to say it doesn't work for ALL of that, and THEN some?
Maybe it's the new cure-all, topical, "potion" that prevents
trench mouth and everything!

Do you think this is the next surprise overdose? Imagine - The tub is
relaxing and hot and you nod off for a few (20) minutes and the soap
had fallen into the water early on in said rest. Caffeine tea. Would you
bolt awake from the rush before your heart seized?
May as well chug energy drinks all day to keep the "upbeat tone".

3 opinionated prattle:

RangerBill said...

That might be a source of caffiene that alot of truckers out here need but never will use(at least often enuff)

JD Plumma said...

good call, Bill. Maybe caffeine needs to be in deodorant, as well.

Shana said...

hold it...maybe the soap thoughts are telling you your butt stinks!! Caffine soap....what will happen to folgers?

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