Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What does it take to sink the root beer?

I guess we built the racer a little tighter than we thought.
This is after floating for 45 minutes (or so). It DID, already,
spend a few minutes in the water in July(not counted).
The racers spoke clearly, calmly, and with serious tone ;
"We're bored! Not much fun if it doesn't sink!"

We ended up talking a group of boys that were watching from the dock
into loading in the vessel to see how much weight it would hold afloat.
I estimated 320 lbs - leaving no room for more bodies to climb in.
That is after floating for over an hour. The kids had to dunk the
gunnel and, finally, force the well-sealed bow under to make
it go down. A larger version of that masterpiece will be
in the shop for next year's regatta that will hold our
family for a racing victory.

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real eyez said...

Ahhh, what fun. I will have to say thanks though. I am now not allowed to throw away cardboard boxes, because they can be used to make a boat. I think this opens up several doors for my son. What can you make with just cardboard and duct tape?

Kiana said...

That's so funny. I guess you guys have a real knack for this. I can't wait till next year.

Stan said...

An unsinkable cardboard boat, only if the builders of the Titanic would have used the plans of the Plumma, history wouldhave been changed and Leonardi would not have had to make the movie. Good boat, perhaps you should consider building it on alarger scale and start chartering halibut trips out of Homer - I assume you could pass the Coast Guard Inspection.

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