Wednesday, September 05, 2007

So, there is a wad of guilt from Labor Day

I didn't make any phone calls, didn't go visiting anyone, and -
had the notion - never went to help my Bro & Sis-n-law cut
moose meat (of which, I'm sure, I could've had a steak if I'd
even showed up). Instead, I helped straighten up the HITW
for winter's approach, hauled and cut/split firewood (good for
next year, even) -

- moved the wolf den across the pit, found
blueberries in the upper marsh and sent the kids out to pick
some while breakfast cooked (hotcakes), found a bear den,
built a porch, and learned a new game brought to the Eagles
by old friends. Before I blinked, it was Monday...

The squirrel bait (cheetos) was almost gone, we cooked the last lb of
bacon and the last 18 eggs and began our 3 hour load-up/clean up
/ winterizing routine when we realized it was 2 PM, already.
As much as I love our home in LA, I could move to the HITW
for a summer and not miss the traffic and lights. Maybe I could pick
up a couple of side jobs (part time, of course) to pay the mortgage
on our vacant house for a few months in '08... hmmm.
The rest of the wolf pack speaks of moving down next summer
and leaving me to fend the animals away from our winter
dwelling. I would miss my pups and Mama greatly, and would be
spending a lot of the paycheck supporting fossil fuel suppliers
to make weekend trips to my favorite river and campsite.
We just need a bigger clock, that's all.

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Snow1 said...

Just so you know the dinner menu included fresh backstrap, freshly dug potatoes, and edible peas picked moments before consumption...but really you didn't miss much ; )

Snow1 said...

ps is your wife still among the blogging world or should I just stop checking?

Stan said...

And a good job that all of you did in preping the HITW for winter - close up will be a snap this year - as soon as I figure out a way to put up the end wall ofthe cook tent since we lost all of those little "s" hooks - but I bought new roll of ruck tape today. It was good that allofg youlaid in an extra supply of wood for spring, we may need it for the "HITW Winter Games" come January. It was a great weekend and sadly ther summer has slipped away.

Shana said...

There was once a time a long time ago that a family of 6 loaded up in a king cab pick up with a camper kind of like yours EVERY WEEKEND in the summer.The drive back then was much longer and windier.Two of the family members always puked. And it never failed...the dogs would find the rotten fish carcases and smell the camper up the rest of the trip...but I still love it.

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