First, catch the salmon - this may be
the most difficult step for some.
(see below for instruction)
Keep on ice until ready to process.

Next, fillet, skin, and cut into pieces.

Drop pieces into a kosher salt/water mix (50/50).
Leave soak for 8-12 hours - turning 3 times.
This will "dry" the fish out.

Then, rinse with cold water for 1 hour -
changing water and turning frequently.

Bag salmon until ready to jar. Let "air"
for 1 hour to dry surface of meat.

Pickling mixture cooks (boils) for 30 minutes
to ensure flavor distribution of spice.

Let mix cool to room temp while preparing
Mason jars. Boiling water to sterilize glass and lids.

Cut red peppers, chives, onions, or many other
things can be layered with the fish - be sure
to coat each layer with mixture before next layer.

Place jars in 'fridge for 3 days - flipping over twice
a day to keep spices from settling. Can be kept
in pantry/dry goods shelf. It is good to eat
at this time, but I recommend a week in jar
before opening for consistent flavor. This
dish can be kept good in open container, in
'fridge, for 2 months or more and should be good
in the sealed jars indefinitely.

Pickle trivia/facts

How to catch a coho starring: Heidi
co-starring: Byrd and Stan.

2 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Wow, there is a lot more to pickling than smoking the fish. I can attest to the fact how long the shelf life is for pickled products. I have had a jar of pickled pigs feet in pantry for three years, they look as yummy as the day they were canned. I would have eaten them by now, but it is the last jar that I have left and they came from my pet pig, "Tulip" after it was struck and killed by a trespassing 4 wheeler. Poor "Tulip", she was just outside her pen, rooting for a few spring roots, she was hearing impaired and did not hear the wheeler streaking through the meadow. I was hoping to get a litter from her, she was just cominhg to age and wouldhave produced some great off spring, but "Tulip" is no more and all I have to remember her by is a jar containing her little feet. From your video, could not help but notice your good dog, "Barley", a well trained bear guard on watch and insuring that he is between the group with the fish and the "Bear" that is eyeing the fishing spot. Good dog!

j, d plumma said...

He's a keeper.
I'll remember not to open that jar of feet next hoe-down!

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