A lot of bear sightings have been reported
around the state, this year, and it seems
a record number of bears killed for safety
reasons of many kinds. As the ADF&G
and AK State Troopers leave moose
carcasses lie within our town of LA, one
would figure the bears are eating when
the fish had been late for dinner.

Recently, a bear was struck with a vehicle
on a busy LA street. If I'm not mistaken,
there is a high number of homeless
that make camp and hole up for the
summer in this area of the "green belt".
For rent, we could require homeless people to
gather the moose carcasses into
one place - by the hills - so the bears
don't have to wander aimlessly
looking for a meal. If someone
happened to be dropping off while
a bear is shopping, two issues solved.
They may, already, be eating our
homeless - who would know?....
At least we can track them, now, right?!

A brighter note -
The apples are swelling nicely to a crisp, sweet
size of edibility. Right now, tart, but one more month...

There are plenty of mushrooms growing out front
compared to the last 12 years. Many varieties
and colors were found while preparing to mow
the clover down that we call "front yard".
Where do they all come from?

The oddest - and, coolest - shapes were found.
One looked as if someone might be coming up
with a sequel to Alice in Wonderland. I
wonder if they were shrinking or growing
after eating this fungal wonder?
Which one of the kids was so antsy last week?

On a completely different note:
The garage began it's desperately needed
organization/clean out the summer has
all but forgotten. I took a snapshot for
the benefit of all my peeps. If you see
anything that belongs to you, now would
be a good time to come get it...
except the little green army guys.

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Stan said...

I was wondering wher my electric drill and sledge hammer went, I believe I see them sitting over by your work bench! Not even going to ask what those legs are that is sticking out of the old entertainment center, I have heard of those blow up dollies but I have never seen one since they are only sold in adult stores. Who does that belong to? Tried your apple syrup the other night with peanut butter as you suggested, the first sandwich was good but I had to have two of them to make sure it was really that good. Your recipe could put millions of bees of of business. Mushrooms, toad stools, what amamzes if is the fast growth rate. Lawn is mowed one day and the next day full size mushrooms have popped up. Apples looking good, watch out for bears and moose getting them. Got to protect the harvest.

Anonymous said...

isn't this post our exact conversation we had during my excursion to LA??

j, d plumma said...

very close, Lynx (anonymous). Very close.

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