Friday, August 29, 2008

Already having what some would say

The greatest and most followed
campaigns for Presidential election
in the history of our United States,
it only gets more intense as Obama
gives his acceptance speech for the
Democratic Party. Not to be "one-
upped" by the opponent, McCain
pulled our state's Gov. as a gold
coin in his bag of silver. Not only
a female, but also the most approved
Governor in history
. She may not
be quite the orator that Barrack has
proven to be, but a great speaker,
no less. Now, our people have
more than one choice to still
adopt "change". The only way
he could have pulled a higher card
than the ace is if it was a spade.
(no offense meant by the pun)

All joking aside, and
in case it's relevant, we'll be
at the Hole In The Wall this
weekend to shingle a roof.
Might be the last big gathering for
the summer of 2008 of the clans.
Meaning we eat ALL of the food and
drink ALL the beer so we don't have
to donate it or pack it home.
If you come for the food, you may end
up with a hammer or cordless
drill in your hand...

See you in the pit.

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Anonymous said...

No offense taken in your political incorrect statement.

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