Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What!? Did I miss it?

Did I blink?
The summer just began, I think.
The sun is nice while beating down
but leaves are falling on the ground.
Our summer heat has been revoked.
The cohos have been canned and smoked.

Although leaves prepare to red
and geese are flying overhead,
Enjoy what we have at any cost
we, still, have not seen one thin frost.
Our cloudy summer almost done,
warmth is fleeting from the sun.
Seems as if we lost a year -
summer's done and fall is here.
Hard to get a good tan on me
when sunshine, rare, this year we see.

It must be just in memory -
pussy willows on the tree.
Hard to find the words to say
it seems like only yesterday.
The proof of summer season vim
are apples hanging on the limb,
berries ripe to jam and jar,
many miles put on the car.

Although days are shorter yet,
for darker days we mustn't fret.
Eat your fish and apples, too
and dream of fall and what we'll do.
We won't grow until next year,
but, accept this fate without a tear.
As soon as I see autumn gourd,
I'll be waxing my snowboard.

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Stan said...

Great poem and puts life in prospective, sorry to wake you up so earlyu this morning with my bullitin blog postimng, I was going to call but decided to give you an extra hour of sleep.

Stan said...

P.S. the Doppler is clear, the sky is blue, looks like a good weekend awaits us.

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