Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Long weekend, good progress

Pointed out by the Buffalo, a
Harrington was at work long
after others took seat by the
fire to rest for the evening.

My hard working woman wouldn't
quit without having doors latch,
insulation and vapor barrier up, and
a coat of paint on the walls, also.

If only the roofers cared as much.
Sure, it was only a 5 1/2 hour chore
with the quality help they had - very
efficient - but could have been more
attentive than dropping beers off the
roof by painters and leaving nails lie.

The only real weird moment was
a picture I took before 7 AM of the
Bear's cabin over a bed of flowers.

A cold chill ran through me as I
snapped this and, immediately,
remembered that Thelma wore flower
print dresses as I heard a woman
call out Arnie's name 3 times.
She passed on earlier this summer.
Somehow, I take a bear threat
less serious than a wandering
spirit that has no mate.

As sheet rock had begun, we spent
the night in the cabin for the first time.
VERY satisfying to say the least.
Got 6 hours of much-deserved rest
Sunday night, and rose to clean and
organize the pit - as well as finish
a few things. Next weekend, One
more trip is planned to finish sheeting
inside and move a few things in
for the coming cold season. We may
leave the kids in LA due to the matter
of an anniversary of the 16th year
of wedded bliss. Plan to attend a
late shin-dig Saturday evening
if you're in the area.

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Stan said...

The "roofers" did do a great job despite, having to take shade breaks due to the highh temperatures, but I think the reason it was completed ahead of schedule was because there was no way for them to get off the roof until the job was done, still donot know how that ladder fell onthe ground without anyone noticing it. There is no getting around it, there was a lot accomplished this weekend. The pleasant surprise was that the dreging project went so well and true to the engineering the report, aggregate was perfect. Tests indicate that an additonal seven feet of marterial could be removed and still not run out of the vain. The is some type of mysterious "hue" in picture of the Bear Den. Did you also notice that all of the wild animals did not show this weekend and the domestic dogs were easily excited. Something was present.

j, d plumma said...

Now that you mentioned it, no squirrel, moose, or bear was seen. Just a couple of shrews and a few camp robbers. As long as Arnie is around in spirit, it would be hard to expect a bear to show up. I wonder where the bunnies are?...

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