Thursday, September 04, 2008

100 kilometers on 3.5 litres of petro?

Roughly converted to American -
around 60 mpg - is the claim and
proof of this little street legal
transport "pod". I saw one beside
me at a light yesterday, and swear I
could have picked it up and set it
in the passenger seat (only, I'm not
sure the company rig is insured for
non-company passengers).

The crash
had to be watched with my
doubting that a cracker box would
be the best place to be stuck in a
pile-up. I was impressed with the
way the assumed light tin can
held together and think
it looks more like a carnival ride
the way it bounced around after
impact - weight being the cause
of the tossing, no doubt.
Maybe I could talk the boss into
one of those instead of a Christmas
bonus and it could be the little parts
runner for my apprentice(s). I
even have space in the back to keep
it - the shelf of "doo-dads and
miscellaneous chrome parts.
It might be the convicting
key to purchase when he learns
about the "smart" part.

Speaking of the smart...McCain's writers
did a fairly good job on his speech -
as he accomplished a good delivery.
The area he went into nearing the
end - that Obama did not - was each
citizen giving a damn about each
citizen to do our part in change
for the future. For all the Democratic
visitors to this site :
Change will not occur without that.
Obama seems to be a very respectable
man and, if elected President, I
would respect that decision. He gave
a great acceptance speech, but,
My vote is still with Senator John McCain .

bless America

(and anyone driving one of those little cars.
trucks like mine still weigh in at over 6 tons.)

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Stan said...

Tell me, do you get into the car or doyou put it on? Gas mileage looks good, but I prefer we drill, drill, and drill so I can still drive my F150 Ford, I feel so secure! Agree with you on the speech tonight, he is not an orator, but atthe same time in his rough style, I still walk away with the feeling that it comes from his heart. The last orator that we had was President Bill Clinton, I was disappointed. The next best and perhaps better, Senator Obama. Perhaps because I am more of a McCain style speaker when I talk in public, polished orators have always made me wonder if they can walk the talk.

real eyez said...

There are several of these little cars driving around lincoln. I laugh when I see them though because they are so tiny!

Stan said...

Would not want a little car like this at the present time, would have to seriously consider the chance of being swamped or at a minimum of being washed off the road. Rain, Rain, heavy rain, no t.v., raining to hard, still raining, going to continue raining, but at least I have a tarp over the excavation now and a new foundation started, then I will re-excavate again! However, a nice gentleman has donated to the HITW an old but still usable fire hose that is long enough to cross the driveway. Looks like it it will be put to use tomorrow. by the way, it is still raining, it is not that I do not like the rain - it is just that I am tired of fighting it all summer ~ there was a summer wasn't there? Monday Night Football:Denver Broncos 41 Oakland Raiders 14 ~ a good old fashion butt kicking!:)

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