Tuesday, September 09, 2008

As much as I hate to see a project end

We have been looking forward to
drywall hanging on little cabin walls.
I learned a trick from what happened
with the roofers to get them to finish

and he got the ladder back as soon as
the short walls over the loft were
covered with sheetrock and screwed.
My Dad showed up Sunday morn
to help and was greatly appreciated
to get all the large sheets up before
4 PM. Although verbally abused by
the pit dwellers, his focus was amazing.

We had rain on a steady drizzle to a
pour now and then through the night
and all of Sunday. We even saw rain
on a large part of the highway while
commuting back to LA.

(photo by Tay)

What is this? Fall!? We haven't had much
sun this summer, but it appears the first
August that frost hasn't set down in
the river valley for as long as memory
serves. There was frost into late June
according to a reputable source
, and pictures to prove it, but the
way our globe is "warming" we will
be lucky to even see frost or
snow this winter. It would be
a worry to go from brown bear
sightings to polar bear sightings
due to the melting ice cap(s). "Brownies"
are much easier to get along with, I'm told.
They don't hunt us as the "whities" would.
Then, we will all pack heat.

Thank you for
reforming our hand gun laws, Uncle Franko.

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Stan said...

I am still trying to figure out why I got stuck in at the attic doing the sheet rock on my hands and knees when I was the tallest person on the job site - oh, I remember I volunteered. Yesterday, I went looking for a couple of tools I was missing and remembered that they were in a loft, what a treasure chest. I now have a "new" framing square, a little rusty but I think I can put it on my grinder and clean it up, may grind out a few numbers and those funny little marks but who uses them? I also added a "new" utility knife to the tool box, two pencils, a pocket knife, and a bottle of foaming beer. The picture that Taylor took, was that the northern lights? Never seen a display as distinct as that. Will get the chance to try the firehose today, if I can find the right fittings. I have not taken a look yet as to how much water we have, I am afraid after hearing it raining hard all night. Think I will tip toe up tothe excavation sight after I tie myself off to a tree.

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