Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I vote we postpone this election!

What we hear from every major side of
our current political squabbles seems to say
nothing about what kind of leader each would
make. I like to think I am secure in the opinion
I have in selecting my choice of
Presidential nominees, but, are they all bad?

A lot of negative ads have been thrown to the
general public as bones to chew with hope
of steering undecided or wavering citizens
into voting for their "A" team. Maybe, a
Liberal reading list is in order?
Both McCain and Obama talk of hating
the negative stabs that are involved
with political campaigns, but, both
candidates mentioned have had seriously
negative advertisements toward their
fiercest competitor.

How about an Obama PEZ dispenser or a
Palin action figure?
How about, instead,
The 5 suckiest things in American
politics in 2007?!
Is our nation so wrapped up in superficial
ideas that real matters that are facing us go
unsolved? (dry link - i know...)

We have a lot of blanks to fill
in before the big election choice is made.
I may have mad this decision in the past
to some familiar degree - write in -
and I'm coming close again...

Who will YOU vote for?

Maybe we should just postpone it...

2 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Ole Newman has been getting votes for President since I was a kid, this could be his year. I would just as soon see the election held tomorrow, by now most minds have been set on the candidate that we are going to vote for. If anyone's mind is not made up at this point, they most likely are indecisive, not paying attention, or waitng to see who is going to bid the most money in the ballot auction. I would guess, the big "undecided" core of voters that each candidate is courting, is not enough votes to change the outcome. With fifty some days until election day, the mud fight will continue and then of course, we will have to go through the legal battles and recounts following the election. The "pork barrell" list just came out, I was not surprised to see that Senator Stevens was at the top of the list, the amount that he appropriated for not budget items was embarassing to say the least. Some of the projects and amounts for them was just a touch over the top. The $93 million that Senator Obama took home to Chicago was chump change but still a bunch of money. Senator McCain's pig funds was easy to calculate, he took home nothing but still gets elected by his constituents. I looked at the bottom line, if the same amount of "pork" that was taken home this year, just by the Senators and applied to the national debit, it would be retired in three years. Of all the Congressmen and women and all the Senators, only two went home without the "pork", Senator McCain and Senator McKassell (sic). Must have something to do with the spelling their last name with a Mc_ _ _.

j, d plumma said...

I have to agree with the "Mc" thing, but I only wrote Alfred's name on the ballot when Perot was running.
Alaska's electoral votes seem in the bag for McCain/Palin but it IS only 3, right?
If a vote was taken now, we would have little chance to judge the candidates for all of their mistakes, quirks, and personality differences. Religion appears to be a heavy topic at the moment.

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