Saturday, September 13, 2008

Interesting projects in plumbing

Good experience with heavy sections
proving leverage as a mechanical
advantage. Also teaching a first
year apprentice about the make-up of a
sectional boiler and assembly methods
involved for 250 lb. pieces.

Looking up over push-nipple

The new replacement section

Leak at weld on existing section

Section removed

New section in operation - boiler full.

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Stan said...

Wondered what you had been doing, looks like a big job, good thing you had an apprentice to do the heavy work for you. I would guess that you stood back with a moca in your hand and supervised the operation. As you probably noted throughout the summer, I do a very good job in supervising and providing comments to those who do the labor.

j, d plumma said...

With 60 years of practice "watching", I have a lot of work to do before meeting your standards and position requirements.

Stan said...

Speaking of plumbing, had to pump the pit again today, I love the fire hose. To activate, it took the time for me to plug in the electric cord. With water up to the gazebo, 40 minutes to pump it down. While marveling at my ingenuity of de-watering, I came up with a new concept. Since it has to do with plumbing, I can't tell you because you will laugh, but once you see the concept and then how well it works, you will be amazed at my ability to plumb. It it does not work, of course you will never know! 2 -3 sections 1.5 inch fire hose, keep an euye open for a fire truck parked along the road with no one around.

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