Sunday, September 14, 2008

Have had a berry good year

Approaching the last pickings of the summer,
these plants just won't quit dropping fruits.

As one should know, keeping the ripe
raspberries picked every few days just
keeps the bushes lively enough to
make more. Jam was made from the
sugars within the mighty fruits by my
tough Alaskan woman (who could go
a round (or two) with Palin in the ring).

There were so many this year, we could not pick
all of the berries before they fell off the plants.
The only thing suffering from this is the
firewood - which happens to smell great
while burning. The umbrella left opened in
that corner of the yard kept firewood dry
for the wet summer, but the berries seemed to
like hanging under it's protection, also.

It's hard to say when, or, if the tomatoes
will turn red without sun,

but the Parkland apples have done very well
considering the slow growth to begin with.
Not as red as typical, but sweeter than a
dry summer could produce and just as big.
Perfect stage for eating right now.

I will buy the jammer some more jars to
preserve the 100 or so apples this year.

Of course, syrup will be made, again.
The rest (that don't get eaten) could
be jarred for use through the winter.
I'm still not sure I believe that "global"
crap of warmth being spewed by many
hybrid-loving, anti-petroleum, dirt-
munching go-greeners but it would
be something to get a second harvest
around March, no?

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Stan said...

Your fruit harvest appears to be excellent this year. Agree with your global warming statement, I am more concerned that the biblical story of hte "great flood" is occurring! Getting awful tired of tarping and un-tarping that we have had to do since May. Starting to wear out the "blue tarp" collection. The one fact that still has me amazed is that inthe Anchor river Valley, we have yet to have our first frost, which normally occurs the latter days of August. By the way, I hate plumbing! The lady of the house tookit upon herself to repair the kitchen faucet while I was dewatering the HITW. Ended up with her making a trip to Homer, purchaisng a new faucet and guess you got to un-install and install. Now, I know why the plumbers make the big bucks!

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