Byrd and I spent our time by
constructing what we (she) had
wished and designed over a week ago.

The work bench might look familiar
to many past projects, but this happened
to be a new, spectacular, out-of-the-ordinary
project. The benefit will be that of 4-legged
critters that we are owned by in most regards.
If it works out, the little ones will have
a loft and attached lanai.

We just need to scavenge some siding and
sheet material to cover it and I happen
to know of a fresh-built duplex...

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Stan said...

That square in the first picture surely looks familar, but it was a fair trade, I got one that is not so rusty, you can actually read the numbers, but the one I have seems to have a bow on the straight edge, difficult to measure a straight line but works great on cutting curved pieces. Glad to see that Kymber finally got some decent, dimensional lumber to work with and not having to scavange out of the debris pile. The video was great, are you sure the measurements are accurate, Barley did not seem to cooperative, perhaps he was afraid to let his dimensions be known, in fear of being put on a diet. Don't forget, you have to allow room for the "hot dogs" to lay on him, their personal ottoman.

j, d plumma said...

There will be adequate room for the wieners to cozy up on his back, but they will enjoy a good nap in the loft where his body heat is captured, also. From there, a lanai (or, balcony) will be accessible to peer out. Also a good escape route if Barley is blocking the door.

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