Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall into splendid color

Although the odor can be quite
overwhelming, the color and beauty
of the high bush cranberry (or, witch-hobble)
in maturity is breathtaking at the least.

I never cared for their
flavor - otherwise, one could live 'til
frost on the amount of berries the
wooded areas hold this year.

The beauty of the season should pull
forgiveness for the freeze-up to follow
should anyone doubt it's sincerity.

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Stan said...

Have to agree with you on the abundence of berries this year. My first year High Bush cranberry plants produced five berries from four bushes. They actually produced six, but I ate one. My new Blueberry Bushes are still active, I am awaiting for the two berries out of four bushes to ripen. The Gooseberry Bush has produced alot of fruit, but seems to be having a problem with getting them to ripen. Of course my Raspberry bushes was virgin this year, since I cut them back to ground level this past spring. Next year, we will be jammin. Strawberries, a super looking patch in both the green house and the outside beds. However, I grew more strawberry plants than berry, but again they had been up rooted and replanted this spring so next year, we will be selling fresh strawberries alongside the road. Does not seem like it should be fall, but come Sunday we will be officially started, I do hope it lasts longer than it's normal ten days this season. Duriung your trek inthe woods, did you noticve the amount of moss that has grown on the northside of the trees this summer?

j, d plumma said...

Good to hear of plentiful stawberry harvest.
I have noticed an abundance of moss growth everywhere. Mushrooms have sprouted across the entire land, too. Must be the wet, dark summer's effect. Could be the late ripening of all the berries?

Did you know that goose berries are typically green in color - even when full ripe?...

Stan said...

You are right about the goosey berries being ripe even when they are green, but my goose berries do not even have any down let alone any sign of feathers. I got green, featherless, and hard goose berries.

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