Visited with family and friends, Went to
a fine dinner in Homer for Parents' anniversary,
Counted near forty (40) boats trolling the
shoreline for the coveted Chinook salmon,

Went clam digging with an old friend,

Played at Happy Valley waterfall,

Absorbed the beauty of the world around us,

and left footprints in the sand.

If there was ever a perfect relief for
mental well-being, this place is it.

Modifications need made for the gear to
fly right, but the idea isn't new and more
experiments will be soon...after the new
launcher is built (gave this one away).

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Stan said...

Can't wait to see the new model, have heard of them in the past but have never seen one operate ~ it was great! Could you make me a custom made pistol? Some great picture shots, "foot prints in the sand" is a good sign of how a man spends his time on earth.

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