After a flight to Fairbanks from the wee morning
hours, we boarded the passenger bird for Galena.

Counting on a qualified pal to talk to on both flights,
I managed to find some answers in thought.
Although it appears to be only runway in this
particular city, there is far more to see than
the bare eye can pick out from the swamp.
At least that's what I've heard. I was only
there working ungodly hours (so we
didn't have to stay until Sunday).

Great flight in for smooth travel, but the
view was better flying out of thunderhead
clouds and the immense shadows they cast.

The air was just a lot more choppy and sharp.
In case you wonder exactly where it is :

I have new experience in my own state!
Cool is that, huh!?

Don't make me have to do it again.

The cheap Motorola phone takes decent pics, also.
The cool part is that I bluetooth'ed them to my drive.
A couple of clips, too....2010....ya gotta love it.

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Stan said...

Glad you are back! The picture of the gentleman asleep, don't tell me that is the pilot!
Wasn't it you that was riding your brother in law last summer, something to the effect "you should get a job in town so you do not have to go to the villages"! I think that was your quote. Everyone must have a trip into a village, how did you get your parts truck to Galena?

Stan said...
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Stan said...
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Stan said...

At 2:230 in the am, I am really having a tough time coordinating my fingers. Sorry about all the deletions! See what we got "new" at our house on Tuesday evening. Posted on my photo blog www.

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