That's what is said to have "reduced" the
budget for "our" crime lab project by $20 mil.
in meetings throughout last summer. The
meetings, themselves, probably cost 20
million to put on due to luncheons, coffee,
donuts, and an array of commercial ads
to convince citizens this is (needed).

(Artist's conception of the new lab)

This project is so big, the administration, in
an effort to keep costs down to a skimpy
$91 million, will leave one fifth of it incomplete.
It will take an additional $20 million to finish.
Is this really an "exercise" that actually reduces?

Above is the FBI crime lab that cost (only)
$20 million more than our local budgeted
amount for the new lab. The BIG difference
that caught my attention is their 650 employees
compared to our 40 (estimated 67 by 2020).
Laboratories of the Missouri Highway Patrol,
the Arizona Department of Public Safety,
the Phoenix Police Department,
the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation,
and the State of North Dakota,
all together, cost $6 mill. less than this ONE.
I realize that Alaska has more crime "per capita"
than other states, but do we really need the
prestige of this project already approved by
our legislation in Juneau? Maybe the $1 million
in charcoal black granite and the 3 glassed in
stairwells would be a good place to start an
actual "reduction" instead of exercising?

The extravagance, sometimes, is astounding...

2 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

What a great posting, most of us outside the "city" do not keep track of what is going on up there. It makes a lot of sense not to finish part of it to reduce the cost. I guess I should have built a 4,000 square foot home instead of 1,900 sq ft. Only those who spend tax payers money can come up with a concept like that!

Friar Tuck said...

I have no idea what this is all about. Tell me more.

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