Thursday, February 04, 2010

Our roads are not safe!

my audience consists
of folks who should have never
had a license, but do anyway? Great.
and, the two commentators make around
33% of my regulars. According to my study,
approximately 1/3 of the drivers allowed to drive
on public roadways, at any given moment, could
be detrimental to my safety - and those around
them that have actually acquired their license by
legal, proper means. Caution should be taken by
those who are in the right to be behind the wheel
and no hesitation should be made in reporting
those that are test-avoiding, brake-riding
fools. You may recognize them as the
ones that use the center turn lane
for suicidal moves and turn
hard left into both lanes
just before turning
to the right.
\ [] /

(as usual, this has not been a scientific study)

2 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

How do you do that? Referring to the shape of your posting, pretty cool! You mean that you are not suppose to turn right when you are in the center lane, what if your exit is to the right? Oh, I guess that reinforces and supports your study. Guess I must be in your 1/3 group. Hey but you stand 2 of 3 chances for survival. that is better odds that you get by going to Safeway on Senior citizen discount days!

RangerBill said...

Can you come do some studies on the highways I drive-California for starters, Utah, Las Vegas,
Albuquerque, ElPaso, Okla City.....

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