Wednesday, February 03, 2010

And she tests

Do you remember your DMV learner's permit test?
I think I took my test on those "new" machines
when DMV was in Lakeside Mall. I do not recall
how many times I took it to pass, though. 40? 1?
There is practice test after test to be found online
that are state specific to check your knowledge if
you wish, but some of the wording in questions
leaves me believing the immigrants have taken
over DMV!! The words read like a poorly translated
assembly manual/brochure like for that lawn chair
I bought at walmart! They really should provide
an interpreter for those tests before
someone blows a gasket

"If are taking test who writes badly,
which side of road brain is on when signal
where pressure with relief valve?"

a. may, for 15 dumb questions, burst

b. will, for 15 dumb questions, burst

c. shall, for 15 dumb questions, burst

d. all of the above.

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Stan said...

Went to the list5ed link and took the test for Alaska. After taking the test got a message to turn in my license tomorrow! Is that legal? I just got home from playing poker, it is 1:12 a.m., and I have had, I think 8 rum and Cokes so I am slightly impaired but not enough I could not drive home, just had the wrong truck. The owner brought my truck home and we exchanged trucks. Just cause I missed a few questions, I do not see why I sh9ould have to turn my license in! Can't remember who won the poker game, I don't think it was me!

Friar Tuck said...

I took my permit test in the Soldotna DMV by the Sizzler.

I took my drivers liscense test in Homer, and left the e-brake on for a few minutes. That lost me points.

Stan said...

I have never taken a drivers test of any kind until last night on the computer! Just to head off any wise remarks, "yes, I know it shows"!

jd plumma said...

i hardly feel safe driving...

real eyez said...

Who is she?

RangerBill said...

Stan-stay off my highways....

jd plumma said...

Our 2nd offspring, erica

real eyez said...

I am sorry, that cannot be...simply can't, she is not OLD enough.

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