Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Find no record of the movie?

They must be democrats!
I called Blockbuster Video to see if they
stocked the movie "Not Evil Just Wrong".
The manager I spoke with said that she
couldn't even find that movie listed on
the national data base. I even had to
repeat the title 3 times as she searched
and heard chuckles from a co worker
helping her search. They do have 16
copies of "An Inconvenient Truth" and
would be willing to reserve a copy
for me, though.........I declined.
The "Goracle" doesn't own stock
in Blockbuster, does he?.......

Not Evil Just Wrong
^buy it here^

The preview offered on Youtube:

Would the public school system play this
along with An Inconvenient Truth as curriculum
for a factual, non-biased opportunity to learn?

want to see some new snowfall records in the last week?

what if...?

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Stan said...

I doubt that you will ever see the film in our schools to give our students a balanced view, to provide them the tools to make their own decision. Unfortunately all of our school systems from public through the most prestigious colleges are molding the students into thinking the way the teaches and professors think. The higher education level and even income level, the more liberal. "I invented the internet" Gore fits both categories!

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