Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sometimes, things surprise me an indoor ski resort at a mall:

and, what can be seen from orbit (space):
(look for the circled area)

Don't know where this is? Some clues would be;
> close to a current war,
> area of the largest construction on earth,
near enough to the largest commercial poppy
harvest(s) that have ever existed,
> and the plan of the first space port on earth.
^(no joke)^

Still can't guess?
It looked like this in 1991:

...and, like this in 2005:

The new Trump Tower, Palm islands,
The World islands
, and the Burj Dubai
are bragged about structures in the area.
OK - Dubai - In case you haven't guessed.

Other amazing works of architecture are
going up in the same area, with plans for
construction of many other multi-billion
dollar structures that will be the new
"biggest, tallest, most technological..."
ideology known to man. Some funding
(credit) for all the projects has come
from Abu Dhabi. How does this happen
within such an area of war and conflict?
Security like no other, I suppose.
It seems to me that there may be a lot
more than oil and terrorism fueling the battles
in Afghanistan and the surrounding areas, but
I'm just an Alaskan plumber - what do I know?

When I start hearing the "big ones" (bombs)
start going off it would be time to get into
my room II and wait for the disaster
to settle to the ground, again. It
might be more fun to ride out
the chaos in a Survivaball,
though. What do you think?

2 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Until you gave up the answers to your quiz, I first thought that circle just might be the HITW as seen from space. I thought that might be Cook Inlet at low tide. But you know me, I am easily fooled. Not looking forward to the drive tomorrow, but surely looking forward to a decent cup of coffee.

Stan said...

Commenting early this morning, I feel so close to you, like you are almostr in the next room. Have a good day, thanks for the coffee and good luck with the new truck.

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