Monday, November 02, 2009

It may be a few weeks out,

but, if you haven't planned a Thanksgiving
meal for the family gathering - and happen
to love bacon - this may be what you seek.

(recipe and directions)

I have not tried this, so let me know
if you do and how it was. It may be
better than bite-sized bacon bits!

5 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

On my way home, will be there in time to enjoy some of that Turbaconducken, make sure you have plenty of white bread and mayonise on hand. No green bread ~ that last stuff you had made me sick!

Stan said...

Clear shot to the coast ~ suppose to be 68 in Deadwood today. Within a few hours, will be visiting Harrington, S. Dakota. Like to say tht I miss you, but I don't.

Stan said...

Are we boycotting the blogger world, not like you not to have something witty to say.

jd plumma said...

OH!! There IS someone out there?!
I suppose I got used to being alone in this realm for a couple of weeks and still need to get back into regular swing.

Stan said...

Yeh, I as off line awhile during our stay in Lincoln, was kept busy ~ great time. Will soon be back into the swing of things and a normal routine ~ but Have a had great time and already planning the next trip ~ several things to get donefrom my "bucket list".

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