Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Forget the mountain Walrus!!

I'm gonna save this mouse that
lives in my garage! Only thing is -
I just plan on saving him/her from me
setting up a "killer" trap. Any good hints
on building a functional, live mouse trap
these seemingly smarter Alaskan mice
will actually enter, or, fall for so
the "proper" ending can be achieved?

ie: "....and, once caught, gently transport the
tumbler to a beautiful country scape,
tip the glass,
and off he trots in new
found grandeur...."
(light-hearted theme music here)

A lot of different methods of live catch
were found aside from the purchase of high
dollar, sophisticated equipment. I
decided to try one with merit -
"the bucket method".

Realizing that the literacy of a common
field mouse is a close match to anyone
from Anchor Point, I kept the sign short
on lettering so as not to discourage them.

To even my surprise, Alaskan mice can
jump over 20 inches high, are not fond
of anything but pistachios and juju bees,
like to hide dog food in outside vent
caps for bathroom fans, and are much
smarter than your average mouse.

I was OK with the little squatters
until I realized I was being played.
They're eating my pistachios!
Something, simply, must be done.
Since calling in sick for the day
leaves ample opportunity to try new
ideas, the mouse should be out of the
house by this evening.(?) be continued...

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