Monday, October 19, 2009

Find a cause.

There are many things, I'm sure, that we could do as each
individual to help or better our economy, our species, and
every life on this green planet known (to us) as Earth.
If we all (humans) did one thing to help one other
creature on our spinning orb curb hardship and/or
extinction, and did another thing tomorrow for
another, we might prove to The Almighty
that we do care and He may let karma
give us another chance to save the
one planet we know we can
survive on. Although the
moon may be a possibility in
the near (50 years) future, I'd
rather care for what we have on
hand first. And to help support our
natural ecosystem, to better learn the
ways of so many other species found right
here on a regular basis, I will personally get
the ball rolling with an endangered species
list that I found with links to founding org.'s .
Learning of these creatures who live on our planet
may not save us from ourselves in the long run, but
we may buy enough lenience to get our kids raised.
Time is
of the essence.

My favorite and chosen one for the week:

The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

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