Thursday, October 22, 2009

By crackie, the bucket method worked!!

And what a monster that mouse is!

If we turn him loose, I have concern
for him heading for Washington, D.C.
to create mayhem in the capitol - I
found their plans room and, in it, plans
for a militia of mice to overthrow the world.

And, just look at the size of that mouse!
What a monster! He simply dwarfs that
nickle, doesn't he?!

Okay. So I caught one of the babies...
you should have heard the momma
squeaking in discontent that one of her
offspring was not found at the nest. It was
almost enough for my wife's "mommy"
ears to make me let him go. K and I
put the little rodent in a tall aquarium
and reset the worthy trap to catch
more before we take him/them to
the country for release. Hope to catch
more soon, cause this little guy
could eat a horse in a day for food!

He only stopped running because his food
was gone after eating and running all night.

On the side, check out the life-sized
game of "Mouse Trap".

2 opinionated prattle:

Shana said...

hey you caught my mouse, i don't need those eight cats i was gonna get...

Shana said...

love your new look...

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