Friday, October 23, 2009

PHASE II - it's time to get serious

I know it has to be time for battle
when I find this in my captives' new home :

If any of you steady readers out there...
cricket....hello?.........anyway, the mouse trap
(fall into the bucket) idea I found on the www
actually worked, so I set up two more with
bolt cans (3 now, total) last night. I heard one
of the cans catch the baited tube and mouse
from inside the house, this morning, around
7 AM. The racket this event made could have
been not unlike a twelve inch wharf rat in
an echo chamber with hammers on his feet.
Just about an hour later, a third mouse
fell for another of the traps! This idea works
great! After too much coffee, energy
levels peaked, I decide to elaborate on this
simple idea and build what I would call:

The Continuous Live TrapFeel free to copy/print/sell my plans and
share with friends for profit, as there is no
copyright on this product, to date. Oh - it has
to be a proven design, also, of which it is not.

looking up the baited pipe

the complete assembly

So, we got three mice, you see. Livin' in
an aquarium on the work bench. Yeah....
Great idea, Dad.....(i'm such a dumbass...).
It was witnessed, by a non-posting blogger,
the skinnier of our two wieners caught a pup mouse.
I don't think she ever had such a fun toy as this.
Now I have competition, but the mice don't
have an ice cube's chance in hell of staying
here when things, outdoors, get stiff. :^)

to be continued....


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