Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Somewhere over the...

...never mind...
Once again, my favorite close lake -

I geared up for what I thought was trout
colors and sizes - beads, yarn, flies, etc.
but it is hard to keep the silvers from biting.

I did well by choice of gear with dodging salmon.
I need to speak with an Eagle, yet, to acquire more
trout bead hooks, but what I have sufficed.
After many 8" 'Bow, a couple of 12" fish played
"on line" and then one spawning coho completely
tore the playtime out of my gear.

This is what the wet fly and corkie looked like
after the coho used it for a chew toy :

It was getting dark, anyway.
The only reason to stop this habit is freeze-up.
I should hope I have a few weeks, still.

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Stan said...

The rainbows are sure nice looking fish, great coloration. You should have never destroyed the "ole hot tub", would have been a great live tank to hold them over the winter and then come spring, enhance them into the "Kroc Pond". What a great fishing site for the little ones and the Bull Moose.

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