Friday, September 11, 2009

Beating old personal records

I have been writing about this little lake in our
small community of LA a lot recently. Many trout
have laid at my feet for the sake of my selfish
entertainment - along with many Coho salmon
that happen to be in great number this year.
I have, obviously, figured out patterns and
colors to use because, while coho surfaced and
rolled, only one bit any of my 3 tried hooks.
Perseverance (addiction to hooking) has paid
off in the form of an 18" 'Bow that fought as
if I hooked a silver by the tail. It is plain
to see where the trout bit the size 4 hook
and a little streamer of yellow yarn.

This fish ran 100 feet of line straight out into the lake and
was quite a reel back to me. Squirming and doing
underwater acrobatics was it's forte without ever breaking
the surface until it was at my feet.
"Work?", you say? I have a short evening engagement
but had nothing scheduled this morning. YAY!

For anything the dirty lens of my digital left in question :

You might think it was enough and that I went home
satisfied at that point, but you would be wrong because
I think there is still a 24" rainbow in that lake
somewhere and spent another 20 minutes there
completely intending to find it.

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Stan said...

If there is a 18"er there is a 24"er or larger. Appears that you do have the technique figured out, not to mention the right color of gear. I could send you a few "clear" wiggle tails, fished with a very light orange bead in front or pink, but if I did my upper Kenai River Rainbow rig would be compromised not to mention the cost of freight. I only have a few "wiggle tails" remaining or I would share the wealth, I think I am down to less than a 1,000 besides, I think it was you and the Moose that made fun of my "wiggle tail". It appears that F&G has decided that the "late run" of Silvers is not going to materialize in the Anchor. They started hauling out equipment from the weir site today. The daily numbers will make you wonder, down to six fish or less per day for the past several days, total of less than 2,800 ~ I can only wonder why the river was not closed to retention. The Homer Spit was a disaster, two runs of Silvers and none of them materialized in numbers. Am I wrong or do both systems have the same manager?

Stan said...

I apologize for making a technical error ~ total Silver Salmon count on Anchor river through 9/10/09 is 2,328 which is considerably less than 2,800 I mention in my prior remarks.

jd plumma said...

If the wiggle tails should show up C.O.D., the cash is on my dresser. Your bead hook got tore off on a rock. =^( maybe some of those (in various colors) could slip into the same box?...perhaps?...
Orange bead in front is my favorite but I used a couple of flies that tear 'em up (private design - as hard to come by as an old Sinatra album). I could talk to someone if I had other gear.

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