Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jammin' Johns Shop... music to your rear!
Not saying that these play music,

"Butt", fancy the look of your stool with a creative seat
for some special finesse while you do business.

If it is just support you seek, try Big John's
for a "leg up":

For temporary solutions, Mr. John
should be who you seek, but the
nicest bathroom in America
belongs to Shoji Tabuchi Theatre in
Branson, Missouri but has been
argued by The Tonight
Show as them
having the nicest. I think the White house may
have a competing chance at the nicest the way
President Obama never loses that creepy grin.
Maybe he acquired the "golden stool"?
Challenge: Find more creative
designs for toilets and/or
accessories. (The creepy grin
does not count as an accessory.)

(The links and sites listed have no relation to Whoof Arted
or it's affiliates just because "John" is in their name)

1 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Nice look toilet seats and even a self leveling toilet for heavy loads - nice furniture just to have some dirty butt sit on them. There are those that say plumma's hafve no class ~ these seats and others that I have seen, despite often flashing their butt cracks, plumma's do have some class.
Side note: Chores are all done, truck has been returned and ready to make a speed run, leaving come first light, give or take a few hours.

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