Sunday, October 04, 2009

Renting "old" horror/suspense movies

Heidi and the girls rented "The Serpent and The rainbow"

- a 1987 film by Wes Craven (inspired by a novel - by Wade Davis -
that was based on a true story) about an anthropologist that goes to
Haiti seeking a drug used in black magic to make "zombies" of people -
ZOMBIE POWDER. Cool, right? Maybe not. Tetrodotoxin doesn't
seem so cool when you know what it is. All the other toxins
in the known substance could kill you, also, but that puffer
fish poison leaves it's victim motionless, soundless, immobile,
but 100% feeling sensitive and conscious. KUH-REE-PEE!

All of America has an infatuation with zombie
movies. Japanese movie makers have done
it, too. The new ones (almost each year)
get such high ratings and sales, it seems. The first I
found records of was 77 YEARS AGO! <-- This link is a great
movie search engine if you are looking for "that one when you
were a kid". This movie was worth staying up late for -
if you're looking for a good flick.

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Stan said...

Oh, how fun! When I was in the "movie business", not being a fan of the Horror Genre, I was always amazed at the popularity of the genre. I think "Carrie" was the last horror flick that I watched ~ I think it came out a couple of years or SO ago.

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