As just a prototype, this personal mobility device
is not on the market but has dreams of future potential.

I would, personally, like to see an off-road idea
of this vehicle (like done with skateboards)
and take to some trails for a deep woods
fishing adventure. The Honda's top speed
is around 4 mph which may seem slow, but
I'm thinking this device has as many
potential dangers as it has uses - which
may be a leading reason for not marketing it.
If it is power you seek, how about one of these?

Sure, they are far from the Olympics (Or, are they?),
but many similar ideas have come from inventors in
the past. I'm sure manufacturers could find the talent
to ride these one-wheeled machines, but the ordinary
"Joe" would likely shy away from the experience.
I figure this may be a good substitute for my desired
Christmas present - in case you're still looking for
that hover bike I requested some time ago.

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Stan said...

If I could get one of those powered skateboards, I might take up moose hunting again! Perhaps, with a headlamp on, I could even beat the good Dr. Ralph to his favorite silver salmon spot each morning.

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