Monday, January 26, 2009

In response to a question in comment...

When talking about toilet (or, water
closet) cost, not many consider anything
beyond the price of porcelain and a
piece of wax for the floor.
Take to mind a personal commode installed
for a previous CEO of Merrill Lynch at the
price of $35,115 !!

This fact has chaffed a lot
of Bank Of America's keister.

Where is the diamond
encrusted stool
, you ask?
($75,000 retail)

Or, where's the solid gold potty?
(around $5 mill. - fluctuates with gold prices)
This was molded when gold was about
$200 an ounce. They should have melted it.

The most
expensive of commodes would be far
over the $35,000 budgetary figure
themselves, but - at a sacrifice, mind you -
there are top of the line toilets that
would not strain the budget.

Like the TOTO Neorest 600 :

The W.C. can fetch a price of $5800, but has
been purchased for just over $3000. It has remote
control function(s) to set water temperature,
warm the seat, perform a super-flush and many
other interesting features. The seat opens
automatically upon approach, it cleans you
up, has "fresh air" automation and
then cleans itself. I believe it even has
surround sound system and is a "wifi"
hot spot. There's a few things my $110
generic porcelain stool won't do!

Okay. Back to the subject. Even paying
$5,800 would leave $29,315 for the
installation, and, in defense of the trades;

$14,321 For plumbing contractor -
Had to shut main off and drain building
to tie in a new 1" supply line from other
side of structure and re-plumb existing
waste stack to properly pipe new waste.
(Other issues involved 37 change orders)

$8,136 For electrical contractor -
Two outlets needed moved, new lights
and new circuit for 240V power to
toilet control panel.
(panel needed moved, also (21 change orders))

$4,023 For sheet metal contractor -
New restroom fan exhaust piped separately
to outdoors.
(13 change orders)

$1,579 For framing contractor -
Needed a wall to move for ADA requirements.
This involved the two (2) outlets.

This leaves $1,201 for electrical, mechanical,
structural and plumbing permits and only $55
for "toiletries" ie; T.P., towels, fragrance, etc.

$35,115 exactly! Good job budgeting!

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Stan said...

I knew I could count on you for an accurate accounting of a simple plumbing job. So many things to consider when you want to move your stool, I did not realize. Forget the project that I ask you to do for me this summer, we can leave the Ajax at the present location, it is not to bad having it mounted in the middle of the floor, at least you can clean the back of it. But perhaps, we could install a drain line at least,the crawl space is starting to fill up and getting a bad odor when the wind is just right.

Stan said...

Still cannot believe people who have everything have to waste money on expensive waste disposals. If I had one of those expensive pots, I would have to get rid of my recliner because I would be spending all my time sitting on my fancy pot just to get my monies worth. I guess with a pot that expensive it deserves a large bathroom as well, so if'n I was to get one I would use the bathroom as my office. I will let you picture me sitting on my spendy pot and commenting on your blog site.

Stan said...

That last picture, is that the picture of the new printing machine that they have set up in Congress?

Tormen Tagain said...

When we have depleted our resources and we are mining our landfills for them. Do you think that the "world government" will demand all this crap (no pun intended), be turned over top the proper authorities for reconstitution?

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