Snow and ice forecast for much of the
Northeast as storms get uglier than
expected. A lot of power (electrical) is
downed from falling trees, high winds
and collisions leaving people to huddle
by fires for warmth. We're not the only ones
in the world experiencing this, either.

19 deaths have
been blamed on this weather that has
taken many by surprise. Even a
Postal worker in Carleston, W.VA
was left in critical condition in the
hospital after slipping on ice and
banging her head. "Neither rain,
nor sleet..." They simply must deliver.
Seeing that there is no provision in the
new stimulus package for emergency
relief funding, unemployment benefit
extensions and larger welfare checks
are in serious order for increase(s)
so these folks can burn the shirts off
of their backs to stay warm in this time
of crisis. Since the door has been left
open for such, a new stimulus plan
should be considered. We've only gone
2 trillion dollars into more debt for
a lot of things/entities that will not
provide jobs for any American. Is
it too late to mark the new stimulus
for an "emergency crisis" account
that WILL provide work? Maybe
this is God's way of providing jobs
in our country in the area our Congress
and Presidential cabinet are failing?
We just need to find high paying jobs
for our kids to afford the new stimulus,
and all will be well by the year 2025!
Our National "Intelligence" Council
is already looking 15 years ahead.
Or, maybe Joseph Coates has the
right answers as a "futurist"?

If emergency funding is not set aside,
the new plan - at the least - should
include a shovel for every American
so we can start digging our @$$ out.

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Stan said...

I had not considered the cost of the severe storms that have raised havoc across our nation, snow, ice, rain, hurricanes, and the California wildfires. The emergency funding for these storms must be diminishing rapidly. We cannot expect Red Cross and Salvation Army to continue their humanity programs without some type of infusion of capital. Perhaps, they should also be included on the "bailout list" and be supplemented several billion dollars, or just leave the check blank and let the emergency services write in the amount. Remember seeing the "mall area" in front of the capital where all the people were standing on Inauguration Day, that is the area that 360 Million dollars was in the stimulus package for re-sodding. The good news is that it has been taken out of the stimulus package, someone thought that 1.2 million dollars per acre was a little excessive for planting grass. I cannot believe that one of our politicians showed just a slight bit of common sense!

Stan said...

Speaking of severe snow storms, I would really be stimulated if the government would include me on the wish list and buy me a new snow plow and truck. Not for my personal use, but I do several courtesy plows around the community and I am sure I could expand my "community service project" if I had the proper equipment.

Stan said...

Only because you mentioned it in your posting. Pertaining to the postal employee that slipped on the ice and was hurt. The Postmaster General (why do we need a General running the post office, he should be in the Pentagon along with the Surgeon General who actually wears a Navy Admirals uniform, shouldn't he be the Surgeon Admiral?) Back to the subject, the head stud of the post office announced today that neither rain, nor sleet or the darkness of the night will keep the postman from his beat ~ that was until the economic conditions hit and once again the post office was 2.6 billion in the red. To correct this, mail delivery will most likely be cut one day per week. The chosen day will probably be a Tuesday. With faster and cheaper freight charges being charged by UPS and FEDEX, who saw this coming?

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