Thursday, January 29, 2009

August 22 is National Hug Your Boss Day!?

I believe it was the Today Show that
broadcast a list of important things to do
to ease the economic recession stress load.
"Hug your boss" was on that list - just late
for the calendar (or, really early).
There are a lot of other national holidays
listed on our country's calendar that most
Americans know nothing about, or, that
they exist at all.
For instance, January 21
was National Hugging day. How creepy
could this be?! We missed it, anyway.
We haven't missed "Northern Hemisphere
Hoodie-doo Day" Feb. 20, though.
Hoodie-Hoo is a day when dwellers of
the northern hemisphere go
outside and wave their hands
and yell, “Hoodie-Hoo!”, to scare
off Old Man Winter.

(no, i have no idea what they were smoking)
I, personally, know a lot of folks
at could appreciate
Ugly Truck Day ~ July 20,
Eat cheeseburgers on
National Cheeseburger Day ~ Sept. 18,
Take a bath on
Bathtub Day ~ October 2,
And wring out as many used phrases
anyone could possibly remember on
Cliche Day ~ November 3.
It seems as if every calendar day is
marked with a copyrighted "awareness"
of some sort, but,
do we really need a
What if Cats & Dogs Had Opposable
Thumbs Day—yes, this is a
real day—on March 3?
My boss has said - on more than one
occasion - "Hug!? A shot of whiskey
is about as "touchy-feely" as I get!"
So, I plan to deliver a bottle of fine
home brew to the man in the morning.
I will call it an "Oatmeal Stout
Stimulus Package". I realize it
ain't a shot of whiskey but a good
beer is like a hug, anyway, and I
missed the "boss hug" day...

There is one listed National day I
will drop my awareness guard for
and make effort to recognize:
Lips Appreciation Day ~ March 16.
I know just the lips to appreciate, also.
I'm going to mark it on my
calendar right now.


What is today ~ January 29 ~ recognized
as by our nation's calendar?

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Stan said...

Although I hated them in school, I now love "pop quizzies". It is always thought provoking. Fortunately for me, I keep track of things in the nature of your posting and "pop quiz". It depends on what you want to celebrate on January 29th, you do have several options. If my memory serves me right, it is "Carnation Day" which is actually in celebration of the birthday of President William McKinley, however, his name may have been changed to Denali. For those that like a little problem solving in their lives, the 29th of January is also "Puzzle Day". If you really want to celebrate, get yourself a bag of taco chips as the 29th is also "Corn Chip Day". Take your pick. The only thing I have ever hugged after drinking a shot of whiskey is the toilet! However, it did take the bad taste of the whiskey out my mouth.

jd plumma said...

...oooh, yer good....slightly over 3 hrs from the post, you have all the "right" answers I came up with.
I even thought it was trickier to see if all the right answers came up.
I also think that you're drinking the wrong cheap whiskey.

Stan said...

There is no holidays to celebrate today so I guess we do not have the day off. Or, we can start our own, with the snow pack that we now have on the ground, I think it would be a great day to have "National Green Day", perhaps combine it with a "Global Warmth Day". Did you see that Al Egore once again testified before a Congressional Committee on his concerns about global warming. It just happened to coincide with the day that the big ice storm was moving through the east coast, government employees were given the day off so they did have to make the transit to work. Poor Al, he can't win at anything. But, he did arrive in Washington D.C. in his private jet and was driven to the meeting in a very large SUV. How do correctly spell phonie?

Stan said...

Flash: Eagle Nest Observatory: 10:50 am, Redoubt is not visible due to cloud cover. The volcanic unrest has increased overnight, it has now become a national news item. The Web site for the Alaska Volcano Observatory has crashed due to the number of hits that it has received and only a basic web site is operational. Will maintain the watch and make every attempt to keep you posted because this could dramatically affect the advancing ice age and increase global warming just as Al Egore told us it would.

jd plumma said...

I fail to see how his (Egore) publicity and funding has lasted so long except for the fact that most Americans are stupid as a sack of hammers.

Stan said...

If you are silly enough to ever buy a sack of hammers, if you shop in homer you are going to pay an extra .25 for the sack to hold the hammers! Being that I am a "practical type" person, Plumma why would anyone ever need to buy a sack full of hammers. How many hammers do we we really need?

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