Saturday, January 31, 2009

Brought to my attention by a Prattler,

Al "Egore" (or, The Goracle)
made another warming crisis
presentation to the idiots and lobbyists
of our Congress on Wednesday, 28.
The silly part is that a
lot of public employees took the day off
due to icy, treacherous, winter-like
road conditions in almost a third of
our 50 United States. This isn't the
only time global warming talks have
been held during severe winter storms.
Some meetings were canceled
due to ice and snow.
April of 2002 comes to mind with
28.6 inches of record-breaking
snowfall for LA. Let us not forget
last May, either (2008). A lot of
"experts" now call the warming frenzy
a hoax, scam and outright lie.
Maybe it is time our leaders
begin to think a little bit about
how this idea/subject has created
an uproar in our nation and the
world. All I am sure of is that
I am still here, on earth, and
will do what it takes for my
family to survive - even if
it means selling ourselves to
deal with the recessive world economy
and, maybe, the New Ice Age.
Just be happy Al isn't the President.

"The only reason George W. Bush is the
worst president in history is because
Al Gore didn't get a chance at the title."
~ ~

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Stan said...

You tell them! As I sit here preparing to dress in my winter survival gear including my goggles and face mask (just in case Redoubt goes crazy)and causes a major catastrophe throughout the Cook Inlet region. Got a second good dump of snow overnight (6 - 8 inches)and still snowing lightly, temperatures below twenty. Having a ringside seat to Redoubt from my windows, I am sure the only reason that Redoubt has not blown up is that a glacier ice cap has formed and is covering the crater so it will take a few days for the heat of the volcano to thaw all that ice (well that statement is almost logical) but anything is possible, Al Egore has been getting by with statements like that for years pertaining to Global Warming. According to his vast knowledge, I should be planting flowers right now instead of plowing snow but there is a silver lining so I am not complaining, it is a very pretty day and it will be a good day to observe it through the windshield of my heated truck.

Stan said...

8:19 p.m. 1/31/2009: Seismicity over the last hour has included the reappearance of periods of weak tremor at the summit stations. These signals are much weaker than the episodes from Friday afternoon.

Observers from the gas/observation flight today report continued melting at the summit area. Holes in the ice continue to grow exposing more steaming rock. Volcanic gases continue to be detected. Web camera views are currently dark.

Copied and pasted above report from volcano site, note the part about the ice melting, I guess my first comment was not to far off base. After crashing the full site for the Alaska Volcano Observatory is back online and operational.

Stan said...

Finally got an answer back from the NWS pertaining to the Doppler Radar System. If Redoubt does blow it's top, if the ash plume is large enough it will appear on the Doppler Radar. The Doppler for our area, including LA is ideally situated since it is in Kenai.

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