Sunday, February 01, 2009

What?! No veggie love?!

A commercial ad made by PETA was
banned from playing during Superbowl XLIII
because it "depicts a level of sexuality that
exceeds NBC standards." The ad
indicates how veggie lovers are better in bed.
Victoria Morgan, Vice President of
Advertising Standards, NBC, provided PETA
a list of edits that need(ed) made before
finalizing the ad spot. Although the ad will
not play and PETA's $3 mill. was refused
for the 30 second slot, a lot of publicity
has already been gained from the racy
attitude of this ad. There will be "junk food"
commercials that include meat, grease,
sugar, etc. but the veggies have no place.
Representatives of PETA stated that
the viewers will just have to be "boring
in bed". As this video is too saucy for
even a small town blog, the link(s)
above will lead you to it. I WILL post
Whoopi's version of the ad, though.
Thanks to the Huffington Post.

Hope you enjoy the game -
even if you wind up boring in bed.

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Stan said...

Yea, it really hurts my feelings the ad is not going to run, at first I thought it was a Victoria Secret ad. PETA got what they wanted, their ad is not going to be on during the Super Bowl, but it has been shown in the entirety on all of the cable news channels which cost them nothing. Surprising that Whoopie and the girls on the "The View" could not show the ad they have shown worse things. It was a good ad,but very distracting because of the various stages of nudity and skimpy lingerie, but I did not watch that part, I only listened to the message of the ad which was really stupid on my part to do so.

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