Monday, February 02, 2009

Here's a '60s ride that deserves a quiz:

What make is it?
If you can even tell me what country
it was manufactured in would be points.
Clue: The company made a line
of aircraft, also.

Strange pop quiz, you might say,
but it fits the "butt ugly" category.

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Stan said...

Hey, what is wrong with a "butt ugly" contest? I can think of a great number of entries! It is a coincidence that you posted the picture of this unique car. I just saw the story on this car a few nights ago on the history channel (great blogging idea channel). Although my mechanical background and retention of mechanical details are very limited. This particular car was built in the 1950's ~ 1960's. Not sure but I think this particular model was most likely a 58 ` 59 model. It has three wheels and a bubble top, although some rag tops were built. The manufacture is the same company that built one of the most feared aircraft in the Nazi Germany arsenal, the Messerschmidt. Although I am sure I have misspelled it, the name of the vehicle was a Messerschmidt Kabinenroller (which I do not know what it means). I would need to check with Wolfgang!

Stan said...

Dummy me, this could be a "1953" model since there is a big "53" sign on the roof, but I do think it is later than that.

Stan said...

Oh, I read the rest of your blog, I need extra points ~ the country that it was built in is Germany, although building the German aircraft should be worth those extra bonus points as well. How many points do I have?

Tormen Tagain said...

Almost looks like VW's version of the "Johnny Cab" from Total Recall. After being bred with a toad.

jd plumma said...

Lucky guess on the vehicle, Stan. I'm not sure of the date of this particular one, though.
It's probably a lot safer ride than it appears. I think it must have had a wing attachment(s) at one point.
...snick....a toad....

Stan said...

What do you mean a lucky guess? I know things! From appearance, I would say it was a very uncomfortable car for anyone over 5'2" to drive. However, it brought something back to my memory banks. Since it was many years before your birth, you probably do not know. But since you posted this picture, I have been trying to remember who the people were. The first year I was in Alaska,early 50's someone in Homer had an amphibian convertible. I saw them drive it onto the beach a couple of times, launch into Kachemak Bay, make a circle and come to back to shore. For some reason the last name of Thorn comes to mind, first name Al I believe. It was a pretty neat looking little sport car. Also, I believe it was Henry Hunter that had a military surplus amphibian landing craft that he occasionally drove out of the boat harbor when the original harbor was on the seaward side of the spit, in the vicinity of where the condo's are now located. Has nothing to do with your car picture, just memories to ponder. Whitey Wadsworth had the Sea Scout, a very nice boat until he lost it for Creek Robbing. Clem Tillion was running the mail boat to Seldovia, the Ram. Still nothing to do with the picture of your car.

jd plumma said...

Van Sandt, the well-driller, owned a '50s amphibian. Dad worked on it a few times for him.

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