Monday, August 10, 2009

Phase 10 : hot tub-to-pond project

Remember "that hot tub" I've spoken of,
showed it getting trimmed, and had plans
to make it a yard pond and own a big catfish?

With shrieks and screams beyond imagination,
the beast took one last yelp and imploded into a
nine-piece, portable, expandable hot tub puzzle!
(duct tape and extension planks not included)

Actually, it took a sawzall, 1 crowbar, 3 pipe
wrenches, 2 extension cords, 1 golf ball, 2 spade
bits, 1 beer, 2 hours, my dog, Barley, and
twenty-seven saw blades. What the hey?!
It will fit in the van for a trip to landfill...

2 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Are not you aware of of the old saying spoken by a very wise man, "the cost of destruction is twice the cost of construction". I really do hope that you had a LA City permit for the destruction. Any thought to the effect it will have on our environment during the thousands of years that it will now lay in sanitation depositories. I have often wonder how a place that stock piles dirty diapers and millions of other objectionable objects and smells terrible could be called a "sanitary landfill". Did you give it any thought to just "burning it in place"? Then it is gone forever.

Friar Tuck said...

a moment of silence for a hot tub that is no more........are you getting a new one?

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