Had a little bit too much soda and yeast
and began taking over the kitchen with
miniature explosions - like lava flowing.

We had help from a couple of Buffalo
to move it outside where it could continue
rising until it was done.

The tough part being that
a package of macaroni was involved in the minor
eruption and was hard to separate from the cake
for a proper dinner.

Really, Heidi got the notion to rid the yard
of unsightly debris and began with my hot tub.
The last picture is "what's inside" that didn't
count anymore. Too many breaks and leaks
to repair reasonably, and we've talked about
a pond more than once in the past.

It actually started early last summer when
Wifey said, " If you're not going to fix that
thing, I'm gonna cut it up with a sawzall!"
I'm guessing, at this point, she meant it.

We had to bring in the heavy equipment
to help with removal of the stack (10) of
construction trash bags the spray-foam
occupies at this point in time. We just need
to borrow a pickup for an hour (or, 2) some
afternoon...Tuesday sounds good...for a
trip to the landfill (I told Heidi it would
all burn, but she relayed some stupid
warnings about green treated wood and
urethane fumes/cancer/tumors
(yadda, yadda...) when burned).

The pile of pipes, fittings, controls, and
tubes made a pile that rivaled the size of the
tub, itself. Who - with any reasonable sense -
would spray-foam that much tubing into such
an odd-formed space?

A lot of the rotten and broken pieces
of wood that held the structure was
disposed of easily in the fire pit.
Another bright point is that I got
some useful dunnage and dimensional
lumber (green treated wood (chemenite)) from
the project for other "future" projects. We might
need all the lumber we can scavenge if we
are to build a cabin this summer.

2 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

What a mess, but it appears that you had plenty of labor and equipment to do the job right, although I did see any approved clothing and breathing apparatus worn by the destruction crew. Still think, the insert should be buried in the yard and converted into a fish pond. Most of your fish would survive in a outside pond, at least during July. I also see a construction table, blue prints and some type of building construction in the background, is that the new sauna or outhouse? Should be a disposal vehicle at your residence late this afternoon. Sorry, it will not have the blade attached. Using the blade would expedite transferring the matrerial from the backyard to curb site for proper disposal. But due to gas prices it is not practial to transfer it that far. Based on the size of the blade and the amount of wind resistence that it creates, my data indicates that it would take an additonal 3.4 gallons of fuel to transport it north for your use. No affect on the southbound and return trip since it is downhill the entire trip.

j, d plumma said...

The blade would actually help keep the old truck from gaining ridiculous speed on the south bound trip. By the time you got to the bottom of the hill (AP), you could be doing 200 MPH without it!

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