And we almost have a spot to put all the
pieces of glass that have been stacked
beside the house and in the garage for
some time, now. I feel lucky to have
a wife that understands mechanical
and structural sense.

She has put a
lot of effort into designing the little
and knows how to swing
a hammer to make it happen. I
suppose that speed would be an
issue if we were hired for this and
any framer might have done this

As far as framing goes, we could use
some practice but haven't done too
bad at all - with plenty of thought and
discussion involved before any
nails were buried in it. A couple
of windows were "dry fit" to
check the openings provided -

The structure is near ready to be covered.
We decided to seal the wood with our
finish choice, before glass is set
in the framework, to preserve it.
I'll have to talk a Buffalo over with a
beer to help set the 150 lb. roof panels
and the 120 lb. side glass, but it's a good
excuse to throw some meat on the fire
and enjoy his company for an evening.
We might just get our tomato plants
(4) in there before summer is over!

p.s. Thanks for holding my pics in your camera, Honey.

3 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Save your blueprints, a new green house is on my "bucket list" for next spring. Current greenhouse, (after hearing the sucess that the Bear has had by moving his strawberries inside his greenhouse) is full of stawberries and they are loving their new home. No other plants, just berries so I am going to have a bunch. Did not think I would have a crop this year because of the transplant, but with the new warmth, that have broke into bloom so I should get some berries. Looks like out "hot tub" deck will be the new site for the new greenhouse. After spending $300.00 for flowers this year, I am going to stop raising my own.

Stan said...

Up at 4:00 am to get my sunrise but alas, the sun did not come up today.

Princess Sarah said...

Wow its looking great! You two are quick. cant wait to see it all done!

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