Thursday, June 19, 2008

A pool at home would be great!

Maintenance could drive one insane,
though. There are so many pipes, valves,
filters, and parts to keep anyone as busy
as a s#!t-kicker in a full stable.

This is a completely custom pool and spa
in a private residence in LA. Nice, no?
I could have taken a dip, but went to another
job for a few hours to wait for the glued
fittings to cure and ended up dirtier than
I would like to see anyone in a pool of mine.
I have decided that visiting a pool owned
by someone else would be the only way
to really enjoy it. This one cost the owners
about the worth of two (2) of our homes.
Another reason to consider not putting one
in ... at least until next year.

2 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Nice acessory to a home, if you use it. Now tell, is the size of those valves large enough? Being red in color they really do stand out but they look rather large. I have seen valves on fuel tankers feeding eight inch lines smaller than those.

j, d plumma said...

All PVC, true-union ball valves take up space but provide sterile liquid transfer for proper chemical balance. You will find similar materials on your hot tub - just not so many (if any) valves.

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