Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Had no fun on highway 1

If we hadn't stopped to pee and get
eats in Naptown... (yeah, right - woulda, shoulda,
coulda). Anyway, the wreck happened shortly
before our approach to that spot in the road.
Sat from 8:05 PM to 2:15 AM waiting for the
road to be cleared completely. One would think
there should be better efficiency to opening
the road on a busy July weekend evening,
but I don't know the protocol authorities
have placed to follow such a situation. Sad
part is that a passenger died. After a few
hours of trying to sleep in the car, even that
fact had a hard time keeping my patience intact.
The 6 hour wait even beat our old record
of about 3 1/2 hours (by Indian) but, that
was a sunny afternoon to sit on a guardrail.

It really is not often (if ever) I get to sit still
(or stand, walk, pace) in Turnagain Arm and
watch the boar tide come in. Even if it was
only a small exchange, the power of such a
force is enough to make a guy feel pretty
small compared to the earth we walk.

This coming weekend - no browsing the
scenery and investigating places I never
have stopped in my life along the road.
Straight through, please.

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Stan said...

Another great video, if only that energy could be harnessed ~ Turnagain Arm easily produces enough tidal action per day to light the city of LA. After hearing of your multiple delays, weddings having to be postponed for bridge work, traffic jams at Russian River, dip netters clogging the bridges in Kenai ~ I have canceled my appointment in LA for this next week and moved it back to saner times on the highways. Truck load of salmon moving from Kenai to LA today ~ watch out!

jd plumma said...

You should see the road construction in LA! Arctic/Int'l, Old Seward S of O'malley, Tudor (still),'s hard to think around tight spots while motoring to and from jobs.
Will see you for some fresh, smoked sockeye, Friday, yes?

Stan said...

Perhaps, Saturday. Big rain hit this evening, water is at the top of the deck on the cistern, will pump in am ~ now we have clearing sky's ~ looks like a good work day tomorrow. Re-wired your cabin today in the rain.

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