Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The season to ripen, already?

I would, actually, trade this look of finely
ripened fruit and veggies for the beginning
of June but there is no stopping what pattern
nature has in the latter process
of a summer of growth.

Green bell peppers continue to swell.

The strawberries are of fine flavor
although not in so great a number.

Cherry tomatoes ripen to a point of edibility
and have many others to follow.

Apples are few, but large and beautiful.

Zucchini has been spectacular. My
favorite eats of this would be in a salad
or have just salt lightly sprinkled on spears.

Peas are near the top of my list of yummy
as long as they are not cooked (blech!).

Raspberries are red now, also. Time
to pick and freeze for jam(s).
Although late summer speaks of fall, the harvest
of fresh foods adds an appreciation to the
colder, moist mornings in my book.

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Stan said...

Nice looking veggies and fruits, it would appear your project from last fall was successful. I took a different approach in my "berry garden", it was simple enough. "Thrive or die", sometimes it is very difficult to practice "tough love", therefore I will reap what I sow ~ very little berry crop at our homestead this year. However, the flowers have done well. Did set a new record, my tallest delphinium is now a touch over eight foot tall, may possibly hit nine feet yet this year as it is just now starting to develop blossoms. Alders have really produce well this year, looks like we will be picking fresh "alder cones" in another week.

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