Thursday, July 23, 2009

I start a post (with auto-save),

find cheesy puns and pics,
write out notes with wit e'er brave,
and share what mind depicts.

all i have is "draft" lined up,
click "edit" now and again,
get lost in aged, mindful cup
and forget where i had been.

what was i writing? i know not.
i feel i've lost my place.
is there so much to senseless thought
that jolts my mind and space?

can't seem settled in one rut?
how do i lose my focus?
it seems that living in this rut
would be all hocus-pocus.

can't go back - time moves on
no matter what i've boasted.
i think my time is spent and gone
but, i do believe i've posted!

Tustemena Lake

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