Monday, July 06, 2009

Calculating average MPH ...

These two pics I call "Before" and "After".
The above is before us on the highway -
Turnagain Arm. The below is after us...
(zoom in at the far roadway)

The weekend of July 4th seems to bring
every vehicle (that runs) out to the highway
to travel, for sure, but I have never seen
so many cars backed up on the Seward
Highway as last night. No accident report
has been found to account for it, either.
(reprint brought to you by snow1 (thanks).)

Northbound traffic slowed to a halt about
mile 66 of the Seward Highway - just South
of the rest stops in "the pass". Considering
approximately 4 miles traveled in 50 minutes,
our average speed was around 5 MPH.
I think we had enough time to bond in
between the whining spurts from the back
seat(s) due to broken A/C (no cold holes).

heh, heh... their windows don't open...snick!..

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Stan said...

Wow, I can relate to that kind of long delay on the highways. I found a similar situation on my way home from the long 4th of July weekend. I left the HITW after finally gaining access to the Old Sterling Highway from Private Drive, I had to come to an immediate stop while mama moose scurried her babies across the road. Arriving at my driveway, I once again had to come to a stop to allow mama spruce chicken and her brood of chicks to move out of the middle of the road. I finally arrived at home 3.5 minutes after leaving camp. I was so exhausted I immediately took a nap.

Snow1 said...

Strange that accident was Saturday according to the link you posted and you went home late on Sunday. Must have meant traffic was back up longer than six hours...

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