Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Seven foot tomato plants

Make a lush greenhouse with the help of
shorter plants along the floor.

The look of my constructed spud box
may seem like something a North Fork
dweller would attach to their home,
but imagine the pile of spuds we
will have this fall.
i dunno how big the bottom
tubers are, yet. too chicken to look.

Mamma Wolf has such a green thumb
to have pulled off what looks like a very
productive crop of tomatoes, zucchini,
cucumbers, bell peppers, and even
got potato peels to sprout in her
compost bin! Tell me that ain't green!

The apple tree has small report this year.
I did not force germinate as in the past.
Good year for growth.

As far as current weather - Hot, more hot
and almost clear, open sky except
it is hazed with smoke of wildfire
and a light hint of city behind it.

May as well have
stayed by the fire at the HITW.

2 opinionated prattle:

Friar Tuck said...

Thanks for the pics. Fun to see.

Stan said...

Great looking greenhouse, especially with all the tomatoes clinging to the vine. That is a fine looking "spud box"! I can well imagine the number of hours sitting over the drafting table and engineering the lay out and material list. Things progressing well on construction at the HITW, walls all standing and windows installed on the Moose Wallow and decked. Moved yesterday to the Buffalo Wallow and completed the deck, will start on short walls today - a lot of engineering required! :)

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