Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stranger things have happened

My favorite Alaskan river still shows low numbers
of Chinook
on a daily count. Maybe they're not
going to show up this year. Maybe they've gone
to an unknown underground river to spawn?
Imagine finding fish below the earth's surface.
Stranger things have happened in China.

Those who have been to the Hole In The Wall
Recreational Area are aware of the drainage sump
designed by the property owner, himself.

Maybe the Eagle has something with that
idea but hasn't been deep enough yet?

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Stan said...

Feeding smolt on a daily basis now, I was able to save 5,646 from the Homer Spit Lagoon after the "professionals" lost 60,000 due to algae bloom or some other reason I would suspect. Had five hundred gallons of water delivered about ten minutes ago and have changed some water lines around that ran to the kitchen area so I can have circulating water in the holding pond. Works good. Bluff View Tank holding, less than 6.3 minutes to fill, filler nozzle correct ~ surely hope the deck holds it or the buffies are in trouble. Happy Birthday, a day late but what the hell when you are 45 it does not matter.

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