Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Didn't get up at the crack of dawn to chase kings.
Sleeping in 'til 7 AM left energy for projects.

The bunks were sheeted to allow more floor space.
Although a simple design, built heck-for-stout.

The cistern stand was finished and the
underground tubing connected. Approx.
20 psi achieved in the pit.

Realizing the Anchor River was closed to all fishing,

it seemed appropriate to use the "reg's" for fire starter.
This weekend should be as productive, with time taken
for a Father's Day game - unless the river opens
miraculously, of course.

3 opinionated prattle:

Clint Walker said...

Sucks to have the river closed. Sorry!!

Stan said...

Water extraction system completed including all plumbing and back flush testing. Inspector signed off on the project today. System came in at 98.9% in accordance with engineering plans and specifications. With new material obtained, can now run extraction hose to the front of the O.J.'s White Bronco and fully inflated. System can be activated by one (1) single connection (slip joint) and plugged in. Total rig time (6.5 minutes +/- 3.5). Still patting myself on the back! Love it when a plan comes together! :) "Little Clan" members love their new "stage".

jd plumma said...

As long as the stage supports a good show. None need fall in the "ookah".
Sounds as if we could have a relaxing weekend.

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